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Smart battery Sense ModBus Data stream registers

This seems like a question someone has asked before, but i'm at a loss.

The System is really simple that I'm using

1. 75/15 SmartSolar

2. RPi based VenusOS

3. Smart Battery Sense (new)

TLDR: I just want to know how to pull data via ModBus from the Smart Battery Sense BT module. Not sure why this got moved to 'Modifications'. Seems like a normal product question to me

The problem is simply that I want data to be dumped where I can get it. Everything works fine as far as the VictronConnect app and all. Networked together just fine. I've also MQTT scanned the Venus Mosquito server and can't seem to find any reference to Temperature

My Victron system is dedicated to powering my Smart IoT Hot Tub that I wrote in Home Assistant. I use the ModBus integration so that I can monitor status of the Solar System.

I've tried by trial and error to get the correct Register/Unit/Slave combinations so I can read out the data from the new battery sense module.

Here's what makes sense to me:(Home assistant YAML format, but you'll get the idea if you're unfamiliar)

- platform: modbus

scan_interval: 2


- name: Battery Temperature

hub: victronsolar

unit_of_measurement: "°c"

precision: 0

data_type: int

scale: 0.1

slave: 239

register: 773

- name: Battery Voltage

hub: victronsolar

unit_of_measurement: "V"

precision: 2

scale: 0.01

slave: 100

register: 771

I've also noticed that the Smart Battery Sense unit doesn't have it's own UnitID. I'm assuming this is because it falls under either system or the network that the MPPT/239 creates. I've been assuming that measurements provided by the SBS unit would fall under 100/239.

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hah, a year later and I googled the same question only to find my own thread. Anyone ever figure out how to grab the Temps off a Smart Battery Sense module yet?

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