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Lynx Distributor Fuse sizes.

I have decided to use these for teh first time on my next big project. ( 3 x 10 Kva, 4 x 250/100mpp2, 2 x 20 kwh freedom won) What is the maximum fuse size, each invertor will need a 400 A and the same with the 2 batteries.

lynx shunt
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@Martin Coetzee

Parallel or three phase? Bit of a difficult one to answer. Also if you are attempting a larger system and don't really know the basics maybe check out the training on Victron Professional.

Shorter answer whatever the peak of the inverter can run. Or whatever your dc cable size current rating is. If the fuse is too big, the cable will become the fuse.... And let the magic smoke out in fault conditions

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