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Venus - BMV measured tail current and connected MPPT controllers charge profiles


On an individual MPPT controller basis its possible to set the switch from absorption to float (and equalisation to float) based on the tail current. Obviously normally the MPPT controller doesn't know the difference between the charging current of the battery and currents taken by loads, so this is of limited effectiveness.

However - venus with a BMV does know this.

It would be nice to have a central charging profile on the venus device that is pushed out to the controllers (and also controls their state so you can't end up with a single controller "stuck" in bulk when its partners have switched to float - this can happen on my system of 3 controllers and smart lithium batteries if i set the absorption time to zero). Then on a lithium system you could reliably use tail current to fully charge a battery.

is any of this planned or did I miss something that already exists?

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