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Using Orion DC to DC 24 converter for a Lifepo4 upgrade

I own a 1988 Princess 45 powered by twin Volvo TAMD71A, each equipped with the factory 24v 60A alternator. Each alternator has 2 separate sections to charge the starter batteries (125Ah) and the house deep cycle batteries (210Ah).

I am now upgrading the house batteries to a pack of 280Ah Lifepo4 and my intention is to keep the original 30A charger that charges the house bank and link both the charger and the alternators to a Orion DC to DC Converter to adapt the charging profile to the LifePo4. My question is that when running the engines with the batteries fully charged, is the Orion putting strain on the alternators by cutting the circuit? Or do the alternators just divert the power to the starter batteries?

Thank you!

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