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The right charger for my campervan

Hi everyone,

At the moment I am designing my (Victron) electrical system for our 4x4 campervan. Everything ok, but concerning the Victron charger, I am a little bit lost.

Here are the specs I am looking for:

  • Input 110V AND 230V
  • Profile for charging Lithium Batteries. (I will probably install a 12V/200Ah)
  • Smart
  • No need for 230V sockets in the campervan. Only 12V. So a charger/converter is not necessary.

To match this profile, I only found the chargers Phoenix, Centaur, and Skylla with an input of 110V AND 230V. And only the Skylla has also a profile for Lithium and is 'smart'.

So, at first I choose the Skylla IP65 12/70 (1+1). But looking at the specs, this charger is recommended for battery-banks with a minimum of 350Ah.

So my question is: Although it will probably be overkill, can I connect the Skylla to my batterie-bank of 200Ah without harming or damaging my batteries?

Or does anyone have another solution? Am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance!


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The quesrion to ask would also be can your battery bank take the 70amps of charging? Batteries are limited in charge and discharge amps.

Not sure why 350ah is recommended for the Skylla I have not personally used one.

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