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Orion 12/12 30A with existing split charge

I'm about to install an Orion 12/12 30A charger to optimise the charge to the leisure battery from the alternator in my motorhome while driving.

The motorhome is a 2010 Autotrail Apache, with a Sargent EC225 control unit and EM50 interface unit.

The reason for the change is that I am also installing LiFePO4 batteries. I already have a Victron MPPT solar controller and a Victron mains charger, so those charging methods are OK for lithium, and I want to make sure that the alternator charging is also optimised for Lithium and doesn't cause any problems, hence the installation of the Orion.

My problem though is that it seems there is no way to disconnect the existing charge to the leisure batteries from the alternator, without also disconnecting other critical connections. I spoke to Sargent who confirmed this to me. They say that the only way to disconnect their split charge relay to stop the alternator charging the leisure battery would also stop the 3-way fridge running on 12v when the engine is running, stop the step retracting, and cut off the EMC relay.

So my 2 questions are:

1) Does anybody have any knowledge or experience in disconnecting the existing alternator-leisure battery charge in this setup, without any detriment elsewhere?

2) If I install the Orion but left the existing setup in place, would that cause a problem or prevent the Orion from working properly?

Many thanks

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