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Can I install a multiplus 3000 to function only as a converter (temporarily)

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I'm looking to replace the stock converter and inverter that came on our rv with a multiplus, but I need a fairly immediate replacement for our converter as it isn't charging the batteries properly and we are 1 week into a month of boondocking. What I'd like to do is just swap out the stock wf-89100a with the multi plus and use it only as a converter until I can get the switches, cables and other components needed to set it up as a inverter. Is this something that's possible? I'd hate to buy a direct replacement converter just to throw it away a month or two from now when I'm ready to do the full make over.

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerinstallation
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Yes, as long as there is a battery in the system also. The battery is needed to stabilize the DC system voltage.

You'd run the Multi in "charge only" mode to prevent the inverter kicking in and putting a load on batteries when shore power is not available. That's even a good idea when boon docking when you don't need AC power in the RV (e.g., at night or when away from the RV during the day).

The Multi is an excellent choice for the core of an RV power system. My little trailer came with a 1000 watt inverter connected only to the AC receptacles so it would not run other appliances. Plus it was underpowered and wouldn't even power a small coffee maker. I installed a Multiplus Compact (2000 VA) AHEAD of the RV's AC power distribution so it will run everything (but obviously not at the same time). I also installed a MicroAir soft start on the air conditioner and the Multi will run that too.

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Thank you for your response! That is good news! I just want to confirm that it's okay if I don't make any connections to the AC output so long as it stays in charge only mode?

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The Multi won't care if there's nothing connected to the AC output regardless of mode (charge only or ON). You are good to go.

Do make sure you configure the Multi's charger for battery type/size do avoid battery damage from overcharging.. You can do this with VictronConnect but need a Mac/Windows computer and the MK3 adapter to make Multi configuration changes.

The only reason to use charge only mode is to conserve battery power. The multi takes around 10 watts from the battery if it's on. Charge only saves that battery power. You will want to make this a daily change even after you get the system wired in permanently for the same reason.

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