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Battery Connection to LynxPowerin or Lynx Distributor together with Quattro & Mppt

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) I posted this to an existing reply but thought of posting this here as well.

We are using 20 units of LTO 48V batteries - 31.5A each connected in parallel to busbar = 630A

1. Can we use Lynx PowerIn instead of Lynx distributor if we added to Lynx PowerIn additional M8 bolts in those provided case mouldings with mega fuses?

2. I looked at the existing bolts and if we use the same size there is a height difference, so will this matter when installing the fuse?

3. We are linking up to 5 Lynx PowerIn so do we need to keep all batteries connected to one Lynx Powerin busbar with mega fuses or if we have space we could connect Quattro and Mppt to the same as well. OR do we keep batteries separated and just use a separate Lynx Powerin just for our quattros and mppt?

4. Lynx Powerin = 1000A.

so this mean that on each one max A = 1000

But if we are using 5 Lynx PowerIn connected together and use them for quattro/ mppt and battery connection then should the total of battery A be less than 1000A?

5. Or should we use Lynx Power Distributor for all battery side connections with Lynx Ion+shunt in between this and our Lynx PowerIn where quattro and Mppt are connected?

Appreciate your comments and Thanks in advance!

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