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What BMS for Easysolar 1600, 100 amp alternator on a boat

I put in a 12/200 BMS and added 2 batteries, 1 a 90aH and 1 a 100aH after some interesting advice that they were compatible. Now they are not entering absorption and seem to be overcharging. the 90aH did enter absorption when it was alone, but hasn't since adding the 100aH. I've been told that the 12/200 BMS is the wrong BMS for the system and that a VE BUS is the correct BMS. I have an EasySolar 1600, 100 amp alternator, monitor is a BMV 700 + dongle.

I'm going to remove the 2nd battery tomorrow and see if I can get it to to enter the absorption phase again. Is the 12/200 suitable?

EasySolar All-in-OneVE.Busbms 12 200
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