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RS 48/6000 motor starting ability

This is to the minds at Victron (@mvader @johannes). I am considering a move from dual 3k multiplus to the 6k RS or a 5k multiplus 2. I have read all the data sheets but I want to know what the brains at Victron would choose if they had to start two motor loads (air conditioners)? I know the RS is a high frequency design that may not start motors as well as the LF designs, but it has other benefits I would like to have. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I think a conclusive answer will only come from more information.

Like how large are the air cons. Are they inverter started or the older type? What is their max load rating? Are they still in decent condition?

Have you data logger your system with both starting up at the same time? The most important figure is their peak draw here to know whether you are within the system capability.

These are questions best answered by a technician or an installer in your area. As most will only recommend something only after seeing a site.

Safe to say though that of 2x3kva parellel can start them up and not overload, then so can a 6kva.

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Thanks for the reply.

In the USA, where there are very few inverter aircons. So capacitor start motors here. They each draw about 1600w when running, with a significant surge at starting.

They cannot start at the same time, by design. So worst case is a running load of 1600w when the second starts. I have never started them with a datalogger of that precision attached. Here it is unlikely that any dealer has equipment with that capability. We just don't have the dealer network here.

I would agree that the current 2x 3k in parallel starts and runs them just fine. But the RS is a new design and I was hoping for insight from the manufacturer about it's abilities.

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I have not seen any difference between the low frequency and high frequency inverters (both victron and other) when I come to pump start up. We have used both with aircons and borehole pumps.

The only thing that matters is if the peak draw is within the va rating of the inverter for your operating temperature requirements. And how good the battery is. The Victron's are willing horses and we have never had issues if the system is properly sized.

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