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MultiPlus Settings for LiFePO4 2x 200ah Ampere Time Battery Bank


I have just purchased all the parts for a Victron branded solar setup on my motorhome.

Im using two Ampere Time 200ah LiFePO4 batteries in paralell for my bank. What should I set the absorption, float and bulk to when I set up my MultiPlus 3000VA 12v inverter?

I've read a few similar posts and they all sound very forign to me. This is my first solar setup.

If you dont mind... please explain to me like im 5.

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

Look into the datasheet of the batteries.

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my batteries have not arrived in the mail yet. Will the data sheets usually be shipped with them?

Maybe it is available on the website of the manufacturer?!

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Cant find the website. Only Amazon pages. Ive emailed them for more info. That's what I get for trying to save some cash on the batteries and going Chinese!

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alan answered ·

I found a manual for the 200Ah version, charge voltage should be the same but current should be halved.

edit. Seems that’s for the plus version

Charging voltage is also on the Amazon website

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thank you! I dont have the 'plus' batteries. But have started searching that same site for the non-plus manuals.

Do you know what the main parameters are that I should be changing on my MultiPlus?

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From this, and the info in the manual I linked.

I would say the voltages are the same across the range the only difference is the current handling capacity of the BMS.


So, select lithium battery type in the charger tab

Then set absorption to 14v, float to 13.8v.
Absorption time to 1 hr. Charge current to 40A. (20A each)

Inverter tab, set disconnect voltage to 10.8, reconnect to 12.4v, low volt pre alarm 11.6v

All of this is outlined in the multi manual and the info available from victron.

You need to do some reading about lithium, forget what you know about lead.

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wow! thank you so much for taking the time. This helps me a TON! Ive also read that I should check the box that says 'stop after excessive bulk' unless I have an extremely large battery bank?

I dont know much about lead either! Bought a 1999 motorhome 3 months ago. Am finishing the rennovation right now. Adding solar. Then jumping straight into full time boondocking life for a while! call me crazy.

Reading the article you linked now! Thanks again, man! Extremely helpful