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SolarEdge and Victron Battery Discharge when PV available


We have a 3ph setup with 3 x Multiplus II 5kVA, 15kWh battery and 1 x 17kW SolarEdge Inverter connected on the AC Output cable of the Victrons.

The Carlo G meter is just after the main breaker, the SE CT's are just after the Carlo G meter.

When I set the ESS to charge the battery, the SE obliges and powers in PV to supplement loads. If I change the ESS to 'optimized with or without battery life' and the SOC limit is less than the current SOC, the battery starts to discharge, regardless of how much PV is available and the SolarEdge inverter goes into zero production.

Does anyone know how to make sure this does not happen. for some reason the battery discharge is happening before checking if the SolarEdge is able to product power.

Thanks in advance.


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