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2nd Alternator direct charging a Lithium only bank via Smart BMS CL 12/100


I have an existing 12v dual alternator system. The second alternator is 200A and externally regulated via a Balmar MC614 and will need to charge a 200ah Victron Smart battery.

The Smart BMS CL 12/100 seems ideally suited to limiting battery charge current to (1/2C) = 100 amps or less.

The published circuit diagrams all are geared towards single alternator systems with the vehicle’s starter battery being used as a buffer. Is a conventional buffer battery necessary in a system with a dedicated alternator? Does (as mentioned in one other forum post) the BMS get its operating power from the alternator/buffer battery input? (if so, could one use a diode to power the BMS from the lithium side?? my alternator circuit already has transient protection)

One of the showcased solutions on the main Victron site is a “Cooled Delivery Van” which seems to be exactly what I need – is there a schematic available?

Thank You

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