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A DC-DC charger that participates in DVCC?

I stumbled upon the Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter and thought it would be great for my hybrid RV setup (12V OE alternator and battery, 24V auxiliary alternator and house LFP bank). But then I was very surprised to learn that it is not integrated into the beautiful Victron CAN ecosystem and thus cannot participate in DVCC.

In my dreams, I would have this device work bidirectionally: use up to 40A of current from the OE system to charge the 24V LFP bank and keep the OE 12V system topped up from the 24V bank when the engine is not running. Both being controlled by the REC Q BMS.

Is there any way to achieve even a portion of this?



Orion DC-DC Converters not smartDVCCalternator
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