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2 Ve.Can MPPTs 1 Ve.Direct

I have a client with a 150/85 Ve.Can MPPT and 1260w of panels but he wants to add 840w more. Both of which charge the same battery bank. The current 150/85 is connected to a Color Control GX via a Ve.Direct cable. If I add another Ve.Can MPPT and use a RJ45 to connect them in parallel will the Ve.Direct to the GX display the information for both MPPTs?

I know that a RJ45 would of done this to the GX per the manual, but I can't find anywhere if the Ve.Direct will work the same.

Or should I just use the Smart Networking to put the MPPTs in parallel? And if I do that will the Ve.Direct send the info to the GX for both controllers?

The two MPPTs will be on different arrays and have thier own wires. It's just a pain to run another Ve.Direct or RJ45 to the GX, plus it will save the customer on labor cost.

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If you decide to connect the controllers with VE.Can, then you need to continue the chain to the GX device (don't forget the terminators on the end devices :) ). The MPPT will not convert from VE.Can to VE.Direct.

The other option of course is to connect the other MPPT with VE.Direct also.
Either way, you'll need to run a cable.

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Hannes Swart avatar image Hannes Swart commented ·

I would like to know if I have 2 250/100 MPPT's each connected to my CCGX via VE.Direct do I need to put them on the Direct Smart Network or will the CCGX control both?

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wkirby avatar image wkirby ♦♦ Hannes Swart commented ·

Just connect the VE.Direct cables to the CCGX.
Make sure there is no VE.Smart Networking between the MPPTs.

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Hannes Swart avatar image Hannes Swart Hannes Swart commented ·

Another question sorry, which would be best 2 cables to the CCGX or the 2 MPPTs daisy chained via VE.CAN?

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