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system breakdown

remote mt. hut system. venus gx + smart solar mppt controller + multiplus 2 48-3000 + pylontech us3000. working fine in autumn, upon leaving, found that i couldn't communicate with system. on the remote page found 3 warnings, high voltage alarm - no bma - low battery alarm. returned to hut and found no wifi signal from venus-no gsm signal for 3g connection, contoller on float-low batteries-venus led steady green-went back down, got a repacement venus, a usb to com interface , cable, and notebook with victron software...put in new venus, same deal, no wifi signal, steady green led, hooked up notebook, interface and cable to multiplus, (need to reduce the ac input load to 5a for my generator) but software cannot find a com port or device, [if i could at least load the batteries from generator, could wait for spring to be able to drive up]reinstalled software, no effect. breakdown for no apparent reason, didn't change anthing, last option is dissasemble, drag for two hours over snow, load in car, drive over the alps, go to distributor to test everything. any ideas????

smart solar charging behaviour
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