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Victron 12V / 2000 Multipass Compact - Red Alarm flashing, turns off

Description of failure:

I have a Victron Multipass 12V / 2000. I am using a induction range that pulls between 60~85amps. It has tripped the inverter and the red flashing (slow flash) alarm light is on all the time. Eventually the inverter shuts down all together. When reset, it will work again for a period of about 5 minutes once reset (power cycle down). With shore power no issue. WIth engine on same situation where it lasts about 5 minutes then when using induction range it will trip the inverter again red flashing light. WIth engine on eventually all comes back on operable, but then after use same situation - trips off.

Took the unit into a auto repair shop. They stated that the alarm parameters are "too tight" and the unit is shutting down as a result.

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We would need to know more about your system but on face value it seems like either

  1. your battery is not well,
  2. or it is not big enough to supply the Victron with enough power.

But if you are pulling 85amps from the battery then you are drawing around 1020w at 12v. What is your battery voltage at the load draw?

What size and type of battery do you have in the system?

It will be working fine when the engine is running or shore power is connected as it will be helping with the power draw.

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