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BMV Relay set to Remote and able to be controlled via VenusOS

I have been playing around, and it would seem that it is not possible to control a BMV Relay set to remote with venusOS.

Are there any plans to add this capability? If not could it be added to the list?

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Hey @Bathnm, can't you do it by using VictronConnect Remote?

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@mvader (Victron Energy), Yes using VictronConnect remote I can set the mode to remote. The question is can VenusOS then control the state. The manual says

REM Remote mode. The relay can be controlled via the VE.Direct interface. Relay settings 12 and 14 up to 31 are ignored as the relay is under the full control of the device connected via the VE.Direct interface.

As the BMV is connected to the VenusOS via VE.Direct, can VenusOS detect the relay and control it? If not could it be added?

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Hi again, took some digging, but I know what the issue is now: the vedirect driver doesn't support this (tested today). It does seem to support it for the MPPTs.

We'll work on it; thanks for bringing it back up.

Note that we'll first update the driver only, gui will most likely be a bit later. Meanwhile you could use Node-red, see here: (it has a chapter about controlling relays)

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@mvader (Victron Energy), Interesting I had not thought about the MPPT relay. I have just looked in VenusOS and certainly under the MPPT it shows the relay state, but I see no means from within Venus to control the relay. Note I have CANBus connected MPPTs, I have not connected them via VE.Direct.


It would be really good if they can be seen as Relays, just like the ones built into the Cerbo and applied to functions.

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Its on the list. Change to the vedirect driver for the bmv relay has already been done yesterday

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I am trying to control the relay of the bmv from the cerbo and I am facing this problem. Can you tell me if it is solved and from which firmware? now I have 2.73 in the cerbo due to compatibility problems with the bms jbd so I will not change it if it is not necessary
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