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LoraWAN VRM data format

I have a proof of concept up and running connecting a 100/20 MPPT to a LoraWAN node (Heltec Cubecell) using and sending both data from MPPT to TheThingsNetwork as well as being able to control the MPPT load output from the TTN console.

Next step is to connect the TTN server to the VRM database. I tried to access to get more info but it gives a 404.

Where can I find documentation on data upload to the VRM database? The VRM JSON API only talks about download.



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Hi metro,

I don't have an answer for you but the project sounds interesting. Is there a public page with more details or a repository which can be accessed?

I'm running a private LoRa infrastructure and it would be great to connect my MPPT 75/15 directly to my own LoRa network (using ChirpStack) instead of using the ThingsNetwork.

I could be so simple for Victron to open up the system. The only thing to do would be adding a configuration option for the server address and ports for up/downlink (maybe also adding a different key for encryption). This could be shipped together with the planned feature "TheThingsNetwork v3" comming this year.
I still hope Victron will offer this solution with the existing Lora module to allow to send the packages to other (private) servers.

At the company we are currently testing a combination with solar powered devices (including LoRa Gateway, LTE) where a Victron MPPT charge controller is used. Nearby are other LoRa devices and it would be great if we could also add the MPPT charge controller information via LoRa and send it to our server which is also receiving the other end node data nearby.
If the prototype is working as expected the plan is to ship out the solution to ~100 locations in Germany (timespan: within 12 month after the test has been completed).
With the only option "TheThingsNetwork" this is not going to least not for the MPPT charge controller.

Many thank!


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