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Looking for installer

I have a new build in Coondle WA which requires a standalone power system. It has a 168m sq Trimdeck roof facing WNW 2.5 degree slope, single storey.

I want to be able to run:
Fridge 334l 3 star energy ratedWashing machine, minimal usage, daytime only1hp ac unit, cooling only daytime only.Television, radioLighting

I will have a battery bank, 11.5Kw 24v 480Ah, Victron Easysolar 24v 3000w unitas for panels I think a roughly 6Kw should suffice but will accept any advice to the contrary.
Not sure what is required for lightning protection, the structure is steel frame.

I am having trouble finding an electrician willing or interested in putting my system together and wiring my project, can anyone recommend or aim me in the right direction?

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