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12/2500/120 Relay or something similar switching on and off every few seconds ,Is there any way of viewing settings on laptop please

Hi All

I have just upgraded my multiplus 12/1600/70 , which worked perfectly well just underpowered for my needs , 19 firmware i bought the bluetooth adapter and mk3 to usb adapter was able to update the firmware and view/change settings on my laptop,

I upgraded to a Phoenix multiplus 12/2500/120, firmware 1802145.HEX which is perfect of my needs, the first thing is i have now found out after trying the my adapters are not compatible with 18xxxxx firmware versions so cannot view or change settings with my mobile phone or laptop but after reading a few posts on the forum i found this thread

in this post the gentleman has the same unit and firmware as my unit but in the photos you can clearly see his settings displayed on a laptop ? , can someone explain how this is done please ,

I also found a post about software for older devices and downloaded the 3 programs but could not figure it out weather it was me being thick or just the wrong type of software i don't know

It would be great if there was anyways of viewing/changing settings just like i could on my old 12/1600/70,

The reason i want to view/change is because the 12/2500/120 the unit works perfectly a part from i hear a tap/shunt noise about every 20 seconds or so from the unit when its in inverter mode all my 240v devices work perfectly without toggling on and off except my main tv by the way the tv in the bed room works fine and even the main one is fine when on the generator

Its just the main one in inverter mode by the with the previous 12/1600/70 the tv worked fine , the seams to power down for a millisecond not enough time to require a full restart from stand by mode but just enough to cut the sound and picture for about 1 second every 20 seconds or sort of inline with the noise from the unit , it would be great if i could view/change the settings i am sure i could spot whats causing the problem ,

If anyone could help i would be most grateful please , Thanks for reading


Cheers Waz

VEConfigure 3VE.Businstallation
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@waz the gentleman us using ve config probably with an mk3 adaptor (or possibly an mk2).

You can use victron connect with the mk3 adaptor as well for a more user friendly interface.

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