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BMS Control Setting under System Settings / System Status

I am remote so cant fully debug or investigate so need to understand if my understanding is correct. I believe that the VenusOS will provide the Solar Controllers charge enable status through VE.Direct or CanBus.

When I look at the settings it shows BMS Control as disabled. See below.


However the VE.Bus BMS is reporting "Allow to charge" and "Allow to discharge". See Below.


I would therefore have expected BMS Control to be Yes. This is driven by the dBus path

"com.victronenergy.system/Control/BmsParameters" within by dbus-systemcalc, but cant track down how it then sets within.

If using the Ve.BUS and having the "Allow to charge" and "Allow to discharge", should the BMS control be yes?

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Further to this, looking at the solar charge controllers they are not reporting as networked, does this mean they are not in sync from a charging perspective either?



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