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Multiplus II GX headaches

Hello All,

I am having issues with the Multi II GX devices suddenly?

Last week I installed a unit and the GX device could not be picked up on WIFI nor would the little LCD come on. Sent it back to dealer and it was replaced. (time and money lost)

Then I did another job and it ran beautifully for 3 weeks now suddenly I cant see the GX device anymore on VRM. Went to site today and same as above, cannot see the GX device in any way I know of (Wifi, Bluetooth, nothing works) System still running fine. This means another swopout, more of my time...

Last week also did another Multi II GX, and here the trouble is different. I can via wifi and local IP address ( see the remote consol, but not for love or money can I see it via VRM.

This is just painfull.

Any help or advice please?


Multiplus-IIVenus GX - VGX
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Not sure if this applies to Victron's products but I do know alot of companies are having production issues. Erratic supplies from normal suppliers means finding sometimes untested alternatives sometimes leading to products not behaving reliably. Even though essentially the parts are the same in reality they are not.

The knock on effect of the corona virus is appearing in many areas now. At least Victron honor their warranty in a timely manner, I have two new machinery tool stations down since February simply because the high frequency motors burned out still not replaced under warranty.

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