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MPPT 75/15 not regulating charge

Hi all

I have a rather simple question I believe and I think I know the answer to it as well. But I would like to hear some more experienced opinions. :-)

I have 2 MPPT 75/15 on my boat. One is managing a solar panel on the Davids and also has a fridge connected to the load output. All settings for the battery is properly programmed. (Absorb 14.82, float 13.5, Equalization 16.2 / Trojan 1275 Batteries) One of the two controllers is keeping the max voltage of 14,82V and the other one doesn't. I am 100% sure the settings are correct. Apart from that one controller being toast, what could be the reason for not regulating charge correctly?

Thanks a lot for your opinions.

Cheers Fou

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Are the battery cable lengths the same? There may be resistance differences between them. Have you used a multi meter to verify the voltage at the mppt battery terminals?

What do you mean it is not keeping the max voltage - is it not reaching it or overshooting it?

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