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Get data frame from MPPT


I made a script that read the MPPT smartsolar (75/15) where I can get the main value of solar, battery, etc. and plot them in monitoring software (NagiOS).

But on a specific installation, I put an ArgoFET (2 batteries) after the MPPT, and I need to know all value of current charge/discharge, and tension voltage on each battery pack. So I put two BMV-712 on each battery pack.

All the devices are connected to a venus GX and my installation work properly, I get the value with VRM, and use API of VRM to get them back on my monitoring software (NagiOS).

But, venusGX have a heavy consumption refer to all my other devices (scientific measurements on the field) so I need to find somethnig else.

I recently discover "smartshunt" device from victron. With one smartshunt, I can get the current dis/charge and voltage from a battery pack, and (only) voltage of the second pack. I created a bluetooth network to link MPPT and SmartShunt.

If I put a venusGX (directly on the of the MPPT), all informations are get from the MPPT in VRM, so that's working.

But, with the plug on my laptop (and my ssh script mentioned above) I can read only the MPPT informations, not the other data on the bluetooth network I created.

So it must be somewhere that de smartshunt informations pass through the connector of the MPPT, that's obvious.

Someone knows how can I get this invisible informations ? What protocol to use ? What is the format of them ?

It's complicated to explain so, I hope you will understand...


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