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BlueSmart Chargers Temperature Compensation

I was hoping to see Battery Temperature Compensation added to the advanced features of the IP22 and other BlueSmart Chargers, rather than environmental temp. Some of us have our batteries outside where they are exposed to extreme temps, but keep electronics inside. It would be preferred to get battery temp via bluetooth, from a SmartSolar MPPT Controller, BMV-712 or other Victron device. Is Victron considering adding this function? It looks like the Phoenix IP43 might support this feature, but I am limited to 120V.

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Found in VE.Smart Networking

Blue Smart Chargers IP22, IP65 and IP67 - Not yet supported, may be compatible in the future.

So, maybe someday. For now, the "BlueSmart" chargers are only potentially smart. Maybe. In the future. But they are a nice shade of blue.

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