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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge, VenusOS and Lithium

I have been searching the internet to understand how the IP43 Smart Charge integrates into a VenusOS and Lithium based system. There seems to be a lack of information, or I'm looking in the wrong place ;)

Does anyone know if the VenusOS will via the VE.Direct port turn the charge on and off based on the BMS state information, as it does for the MPPT Smart Solar?

I don't believe that it is included in part of the DVCC Maximum Charge current yet.

Dose anyone know if the VenusOS can supply voltage sense information, through DVCC.

I don't really want to just buy a unit to test and find these things do not yet work. Anyone have any ideas on how well the VenusOS and Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge work over VE.Direct?

Venus OSbattery charging
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