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RCDs and neutral to ground link with Isolation Transformer -> Multiplus -> Autotransformer

Marine application has shore power coming in to an auto-switching 3600W isolation transformer then going to a Multiplus. The output of the inverter/charger is connected to a panel with some euro-spec single phase 230V outlets.

To accommodate 120V appliances in the US, one of the breakers on that panel now leads to an Autotransformer, with each leg leading to different groups of 120V outlets.

With the isolation transformer we are never directly using the earth to neutral link on shore. Given both the single phase outlets and 120V split phase outlets, where do we need to make these links?

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Apendix A of the Autotransformer Manual on page 2 shows a schematic diagram of relay H2 which can make a floating earth controlled by the Multiplus .

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