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When Charger is disabled ESS does not engage inverter

I have Multiplus in an ESS configuration with PV on input ( grid connected ) and a grid supply to multi ( no MPPT's ) . I'm using 2 wire BMS to control maximum SOC level by disabling charger when I get to say 85% SOC ( via wire from Venus using "Generator Stop / Start " ) . When you get to 85% SOC charger is disabled as desired however should load increase to more than what the PV can supply additional power is drawn from grid and not battery as expected.

I had been using the BMS 2 wire setup previously where you force the charger to FLOAT and it works reasonably well , however the problem is that if you get to say your desired SOC early in the day and you do draw power from the battery - the SOC does not reach the desired SOC by the end of the day due to limited charging capability when in FLOAT mode ( unless you did use suffiicient energy to trigger BULK mode ) .

Is there elegant way to set max a SOC charge state? You can do so with scheduled charging - however it will take power from grid ( ignors PV output ) which is not desireable.

Please can developers implement a proper maximum SOC charge limit

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerESSVenus GX - VGX
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