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Battery Corrosion / Sulfation


i bought this battery (Victron GEL - Deep Discarge, 12V 220Ah) "used" for a good price, but of cause at one point I get the bill for buying "the cheap deal"...

Yesterday I noticed a strange type of corrosion/sulfation at the +Pole. See the pictures. (please excuse the dirt on the batteries, we live in the wilderness for two months now...) It looks like the sulfation is pushing out of a invisible gap between the pole-metal and the insulation material. (the sulfation on the red cable is only there, because it was resting closer to the pole before taking the picture). Also you can notice a super thin layer of liquid, more like "it looks humid", on the surface of the battery.

So far i cannot notice any lack in the performance... loads well, holds the charge and has no noticable drop in Ah.

Internet says in general about batteries (mostly about car starter batteries) to simply carefully clean it off, with the right tools and cleaner.

I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced this as well and:

- can i continue using it, of cause accepting that it gets worse over time...? Is it safe to continue using it, or do i have to replace it imediately? (can it burn or explode or anything?)

- is there any way to try to seal it again? (probably not...)

- if it is pushing out of that gap, what does it tell me about my setup? (is it simply the battery broken?)

(Or, what could be as well: is the temperature where i keep the battery, too hot, so that it over-loads it and its pushing out? It is set up with a Victron Smart MTTP 100/50 nearby inside of a caravan, we are in Turkey, when the sun is out, it can get really hot in here, but the corrosion/sulfation happened very lately, when it was not as hot anymore... i was hoping that the temperature sense of the MPPT was close enough to the batteries so that it could choose the right amount of charging... no additional temperature sensor at the batteries in use...)

Any thoughts and tipps appreciated! :) Thank You in advance



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The contact seems less than ideal. Is there a washer I see between battery pole and cable? Contact should be perfect with pole - do not rely on the bolt conduction and washers placed on the other side.

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