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CCGX menu : Use solar charger current to improve soc


Tanks everyone to help me concerning my last topic ( Johon, Alexandra , All others ..

After reading the CCGX Manual and all interrogations concerning the SOC value on this forum, I loocking for this :

(B) Battery with Multi or Quattro and MPPT Solar Chargers -ALSO- An EasySolar with CCGX built-in

No battery monitor is required, as long as all MPPT Solar Chargers are Victron products and are connected to the CCGX. The CCGX will continuously read the actual charge current from all solar chargers, and send the total to the Multi (or Quattro) which then uses that information in its SOC calculations.


  1. Enable and configure the Battery Monitor in VEConfigure.
  2. On the CCGX, in Settings → System setup, verify the selected Battery Monitor. It should be the Multi or Quattro.
  3. In the same menu, verify that the option 'Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC' is enabled. Note that this is not a setting - it just an indicator of an automatic process.

Note that this feature requires recent firmware versions in both the Multis or Quattros (402 minimum), and the CCGX (v2.06 minimum).

After tcheck my Multiplus firmware ( version 413 and the CCGX version 2.60 ) I find the selected battery monitor but I haven't option to improve VE.Bus SOC ! ?

Do you know why ?

Thanks a lot, Michaël

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This option was removed a while ago and the feature is active automatically.

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Tanks, Merci Matthias !!

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