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Measuring and Switching on Extraction fan based on temperature using the relay and a GX

Hi, I'm also trying to see if I need use a Thermostatic bimetal tempertaure sensor

to measure the temperature inside an electrical box and connect this to CERBO GX Temp inputs to trigger a relay switch and turn on an extraction fan.


1. Is this possible to connect this Thermostatic bimetal temp sensor to CERBOGX?

2. Do I need to use Thermostatic bimetal temp sensor or could use victron sensor somehow for this purpose?

cerbo gxTemperature Sensor
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2 Answers
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Rikesh

Relay control based on a temperature is not something that is offered via the GX menu at the moment.

BUT there are 'workarounds'...

There is an application explained here using the built in controls to heat a thermal pad for a lithium battery-

You might also want to look into the 'unsupported' Node Red. There is further specific discussion here -

Lastly there are 3rd party stand alone products that are dedicated to this kind of job.

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rikesh avatar image rikesh commented ·

thanks mate and MTW I like all your videos

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I appreciate you watching them, and I get your feedback about more detailed and specific system wiring videos and of course a complete Cerbo GX video (which will be an absolute epic).

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rikesh avatar image rikesh Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

I'm working on what could become a complex systems wiring and with CERBOGX is our holy grail.

But if this works then we would have tested CERBOGX to its limits.

1. We are using tank input for water level monitoring.

2. Temp sensor via tank input (software changed to relay) to switch on another relay to turn on exhaust fan.

3. Turbine connected via its safety switch and regulator/controller to energy meter (Scott Clark suggestion) to GX.

Wouldn't mind your help on this?

And of course do a complete video (your video expertise would help)?

4. The we have the stock standard schematics for BYD15.4kWk on Quattro 3 phase with both solar and wind turbine as a grid and off grid system.

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rikesh avatar image rikesh rikesh commented ·

5. Use digital inputs to control a motor controller to lift our solar panels and automate this for strong winds to lower it down as well.

{ { {helllpppppp}}}}

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Jesse avatar image Jesse commented ·

This would be a handy feature!

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rikesh avatar image rikesh Jesse commented ·

yes when we test this I will post a video

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kclendaniel avatar image kclendaniel commented ·
I just set up a fan controlled by the tank pump and I am curious how to configure the percentages to trigger the off/on with cooling vs the heating of the thermal pad example. Does the Cerbo automatically detect when the % for on is higher than off and flip the logic? By default it appears that if the tank drops to a certain level then it turns on to bring to a higher level but for this 'cooling' application the 'on' threshold would be higher than the 'off'. In theory this would work where the % is anywhere between the two values but I cannot seem to get the relay to trigger unless it is above the 'on' % meaning this setup for an exhaust fan will not work.

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Kevin Windrem answered ·

I'm not sure you'd need to go through Cerbo at all. Just connect the temperature sensor's contacts in series with the fan's power input.

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