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Connect a DC-DC converter to EasySolar / MultiPlus

I have an EasySolar 5000VA (=MultiPlus) connected to a 48V Lifepo4 battery. I was wondering, where or how I could connect a 48V to 24V DC-DC converter.

The DC-DC converter is supposed to power a Teltonika RUT950 4G router (9-36V) which is connected to the GX computer and gives me remote control over the EasySolar, even if its inverter (MultiPlus) is turned off.

I know, that there are several relay's from the MultiPlus and one is there at the SmartSolar charge controller. That relay can be configured when to be switched, but there was no Voltage when I measured, no matter what settings... However, is this the way to go? The router drains max 7W of power... should not be a problem I guess...?

Or could I hook the router directly to a relay without a DC-DC converter?

Or has anybody an idea, how I would power the router the right way?

Thank you!!!

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Ok you have a second remote GX device, which should run on DC. But you don't need a relais for this, just install a tiny DC/DC 20W converter. Relais are potential free per design.

Hi lucode, thank you for your answer! OK got it, relais are potential free. But I still don't get where I am supposed to connect the DC/DC converter.
And no, I do not have a second GX device, but I plan to buy a BluePower Panel. That also needs power which I would like to get as DC without going through the inverter. But where to hook it up?

How about if I connect the DC/DC converter inside the EasySolar directly where the battery and solar-charger cables come together? But I wonder, if the battery monitor still can measure the amps going through? Voltage is no problem of course...

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