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SmartSolar as input to Orion-TR

Hi Folks,

this is the opposite of a question that has been asked previously.

I have a 4wd dual battery setup. To protect the starter battery, it currently has a battery isolator (Redarc SBI12 on while the ignition is on). The car has a modern variable alternator so i am planning to add an Orion-tr to charge the Auxiliary battery.

Also isolated by the same dual battery isolator, the 4wd has an Anderson plug connection at the trailer hitch for charging a camper trailer battery if connected.

For my off-grid camping (without the trailer) i have a portable solar panel with a Victron SmartSolar MPPT.

For charging convenience with engine off and camping, Ideally, i would like to connect solar panel through the SmartSolar MPPT to the Anderson connector at the trailer hitch, with the aim of charging the Auxiliary battery (and running the fridge inside the car)

Because of the starter battery isolator, this would effectively connect the SmartSolar MPPT output to the input of the Orion-Tr. Conversion losses aside, will this work? Will it cause any issues?

thanks in advance



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