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2 phase 2 of Solaredge, 1 Multiplus Modbus TCP?


I have 2 of S/E SE5000 on 2 phase rural grid (180 degree phase). one SE5000 is connected to a Multiplus 2 with an 8Kw Zenaji battery, as UPS also. Solaredge recomended separating the linking in this configuration. (System working fine)

I have an Emoncms server that has data from an IoTaWatt monitor. I want to read the battery state off the CCGX, & have already enabled Sunspec on the 2 of SE5000 (currently both on ID 126). The CCGX sees both of the SE5000´s, & lists their network addresses. Modbus is enabled on the CCGX, as werll as Auto scan. No Modbus devices are listed, however. I need to get this working so I can get the battery status (& info from the SE5000´s too if possible: would love access to the Optimiser data for instance, but first the battery status!

Emoncms has this assistance:

but of course no data until the CCGX sees the Modbus devices (Emoncms is configured as recommended)

One issue I may find is from my reading, only one SE5000 can be accessed on dev 126.

Thanks, Doug

Modbus TCP
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