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Regular Interrupted During Charging BlueSmart IP 65 Charger

I recently purchased my BlueSmart 15A charger and am running tests at my home. I am seeing regular status “interrupted” during bulk charging mode and absorption modes. Sometimes it charges for an hour or several but sooner or later the cycle is interrupted and starts over in Bulk.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am monitoring via my phone and there are no corresponding power hiccups happening in my home. I am wondering if my unit is defective or there is something else going on.

Unit is in my trailer, trailer is plugged into shore power at my house.

Tomorrow I will run a test using just an extension cord to power to eliminate my trailer from the equation.

Anyone else has this experience?

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More data... The pattern is now clear. During a charging cycle, the first time it switches from bulk to absorption, within a few minutes there is an interrupt. Then it goes back to bulk and then into absorption where it again experiences an interrupt. Then back to bulk and then into absorption for the third attempt and this time it stays and finishes the charge cycle.

Any help appreciated because if I need to return this I have a finite window.

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Something sounds unusual - it should not be doing that unless the charge cycle is restarted.

During the time that it does this, are there any loads connected/activated that could draw more than the maximum charger current and cause the battery voltage to drop form the absorption voltage set-point?

Do you have the 're-bulk' current setting activated and is the current set too low/so low that it trips as soon as the charger moves into absorption phase?

Because either of these 2 scenarios will cause the charge cycle to be interrupted and restart.

The other basic thing that I would recommend, is to check the firmware version and update to the latest released in VictronConnect. The latest released version at the moment is v3.21.

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