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Importing data on raspberry pi venus os


I want to monitor the water level in a well 10m away from the raspberry pi. Until now I had 2 reed water level sensors connected on the digital input pins on the pi.

Because the sensors are quite unreliable (the connection) and wanted better precision I have mounted an ultrasonic sensor in the well and with a small arduino I know the exact water height.

I need to monitor the water level because the well is not very deep, the refill rate is slow and I want to remotely start the irrigation system - I don't want to run the pump if not enough water.

I was thinking of converting the ultrasonic output into a voltage to be fed into an mcp3208 adc but surely there must be a better way than all that data conversion and more locations for errors to be introduced.

Maybe serial communication between arduino and pi? Maybe using an esp module to publish the data somewhere on the web and fetch it on the pi?

Is it even possible to display that data on the victron GUI? Do the tank level menus show up only after activating analog inputs?

Does anyone have a better or simpler way?

I know it's a very specific problem but I'm stuck and my only hope is this community.

Sadly my python skills are non existent but I always thought that with enough determination and Google anyone can achieve impressive goals.

Any help would be appreciated and thanks for reading


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