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Initial Smart Shunt & MPPT Settings

I am in the process of setting up and going through an initial charge of my system

  • 200Ah Victron Smart Lithium
  • 500A Smart Shunt instead of BMV-712
  • 100 |30 Smart Solar MPPT w 335w LG Solar Panel
  • 12|2000|80-50 Compact Multiplus connected to Smart Dongle

I would like to know the proper setting for a couple paramaters that i am finding conflicting suggestions:

What should the Charged Voltage setting be for my configuration (Solar + Lithium).

The Smart Shunt manual Settings chapter states:

The “charged voltage” parameter should be set to 0.2V or 0.3V below the float voltage of the charger This is 13.3 or 13.2. Or alternatively, see the table below for the recommended setting which states 13.2 for a 12v battery.

The Victron Video for How to optimize the BMV-700 series sync paramaters for a solar system states the

Charged Voltage should be Absorption -.3 volts or 13.9 for Lithium.

This seems like a large range, but I am thinking it should be 13.9.

What is the suggested Discharge Floor for my configuration? Why is a range from 10%-20% typically given?

For my inital charge is it imporant to limit Max Charge Amps to 5A and extend the Absorption Time to 3 Hr. I have seen both suggested.

Finally a question on Zero Current Callibration. The manual states:

Ensure that there really is no current flowing into or out of the battery. Do this by disconnecting the cable between the load and the SmartShunt and press the “calibrate button” to perform a zero-current calibration.

How can this be done via Victron Connect via SmartShunt since SmartShunt is powered by the battery or is that so small as to being able to neglect? How important is this calibration anyway?

I hope this makes sense and appreciate any suggestions on other critical not standard settings.

Thanks and Cheers

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