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Quattro 12/5000/220 With CCGX - Strange Issues, Need Help

I’m working on a marine install of a Quattro 12/5000/220, coupled with a 10kw generator, shore power hookup, 3kw of Solar Power split across 8 victron mppts, and 5 x 300 AH Victron Smart Lithium Batteries.

For the most part, everything works ok I guess, as long as I’m constantly here to manage it...there are weird issues though that I’m trying to track down, especially when transitioning from the generator.

Ok, so a list of the stuff I’m chasing:

1.) Unless I turn off ”Monitor for shore power disconnect” - I must constantly clear and reset ”Grid Lost” errors all through the day, and they never clear themselves.

2.) The Tiles Page Dashboard quite often doesn’t reflect what the component list shows. There are a number of times it will say ”Unknown” in all the tiles, and / or show the Quattro as “Off” when in fact its inverting. This possibly could be just a refresh issue, but it’s hard to know what’s actually happening when they don’t match. (I don’t think this is one of the important issues overall)

3.) The CCGX is rebooting itself at odd times. Usually when the generator stops in the AM, and switches back over to PV, when I go to the CCGX to view status, the first click of a button sends it into a reboot.

4.) In the system setup in the CCGX it shows BMS control set to “off”.

5.) In the battery details, none of the details are available in the CCGX (maybe this is normal?). I get the overall SOC, AH, Amps, Voltage...etc. But looking into the details, none of the cell level information is available. The page fields are all [—] [—]

I use VE Configure to program using mostly defaults. I check the box to enable the battery monitor, I set the battery type to Lithium using the battery changer dialog, and I’ve loaded the BMS assistant, Everything writes to the Quattro without issues, all messages say successful, and I reset the Quattro, and the CCGX each time afterwards.

If this is better as multiple questions, let me know, I just figured maybe a “bigger picture” list might be useful information overall.

Thank you in advance.

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerVEConfigure 3ve.bus bms
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Joshua Warren avatar image Joshua Warren commented ·

A complete dump of your VE.configure configuration (either the file itself, screenshots, or both) might be helpful. It sounds like this is happening on generator AC input -- does switching to shore/grid change any of the behavior?

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Bryan avatar image Bryan Joshua Warren commented ·

Initially I thought it had something to do with switching from generator input as well, but the errors will appear either way, for any reason. I believe Ben below has touched on something that makes sense. There are too many devices in the VE Direct connection by USB for the CCGX to support.

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ben answered ·

It's not possible to run that many devices on a CCGX. It's overloading the CPU. Please see the “Max. VE.Direct devices” row in the table here:

You can switch to a larger GX device (Cerbo GX) with support for more MPPTs.

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Bryan avatar image Bryan commented ·

So, this seems 100% correct for a couple of the issues, specifically the issue with the states not matching. It also explains why as the sun comes up in the morning and the PV devices start lighting up, that it gets WAY more common.

I’m uncertain how this would play into the other issues though. It’s my understanding that the CCGX is a dumb display, It’s not actually controlling anything (or very little) right? The Grid Lost issues, the lack of battery details...Overall V, A, and SOC work fine, the cell level details are completely missing....I’m not sure if that’s normal?

Number 2 and 3 I’m assuming will be completely fixed by upgrading to a larger GX. I’m going to unplug the USB plug that brings in the MPPT devices, and see if some of the weirdness goes away for a day...then I’ll know what is caused by what I think.

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ben avatar image ben ♦ Bryan commented ·

I agree, you probably have multiple issues.

I encourage you to address the easy fix, though, and who knows — you might see some of the other weird things magically go away, too.

If you don’t, consider reposting the remaining ones with a narrower Question; it may get more attention than a huge laundry list of issues. Good luck.

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