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ESS: Can Pylontech batteries limit inverter output during day when SOC 100% and loads run off solar?

The site has a 7200w solar array.

20 x 360w solar panels

250|100 MPPT


2 x 5kva MultiPlus II inverters in parallel.

3 x US3000 PylonTech (under Victron recommendations)

It is an ESS system. (Optimized with Battery life)

after SOC is 100% , when consumption goes >2500w in the day, the panels don't cover the consumption. Can this be because of the continuous discharge rating of the Pylontech batteries? or is this not the issue?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) @mvader (Victron Energy)

Can you help, been struggling to find the solution to this problem.

Multiplus-IIESSPylontechmultiplus in parallel
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With Pylon tech batteries turn off the battery life and set to without battery life settings in ESS settings, as lithium's don't require this, and i have found in the days of testing with Pylon techs it has strange issues with charging etc.

Also set inverter power limit as well this helps not drain down the battery packs.


Rob D


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bottemlesspits answered ·

Hi @jond

Just passing by you might want to have a look at the recommended battery amount for your system 3 x Pylon us3000 has a recommended discharge of 5328 watt.

I would recommend 3 x Pylons as per 5KVA inverter so 6 in total...

If i had to take a wild guess it looks like your system is set to with battery life & min SOC 100% ?

Do you have a inverter limit?

What is the discharge limit at the time in question?

Battery temperature might also be a hint as it also impacts the limit.

Hope we can solve the issue :)

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jond avatar image jond commented ·

Hi @Bottemlesspits

We advised installer as per Victron recommendation about the batteries, but he followed his own head.

The system is set to with bat life & min 70% SOC

The inverter isn't limited.

When this occurs the end user uses a stove / iron etc on AC2. So its heavy consumers.

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nickdb avatar image nickdb ♦♦ jond commented ·

@jond did you resolve this? I am experiencing a similar issue.

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jond avatar image jond nickdb ♦♦ commented ·

Hi @nickdb, I looked at historical weather data of the 3 days the customer sent screenshots and complained about it was actually cloudy for the majority of the day. When I looked at the average data of the first month the system was performing up to spec for winter conditions in the area. I sent this summary to the client after also educating him about panel performance in the real world. The client was also under the impression that the panels will produce what they are spec'ed to produce all year round, I had to explain to him that that is factory conditions and there are losses with weather and shading.

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stenis answered ·
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