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CERBO GX and VE. Smart Networking overlap


If I have the Cerbo GX plugged into my BMV-712, MPPT 250/100 charge controller, and MultiPlus 24/3000/70. Do I still want to run VE. Smart Networking between the BMV-712 & Solar Charge Controller?

I could not find a callout for the Cerbo GX. In some manuals, it states ' if you have an GX device that isn't just logging, such as Venus GX etc, disable VE. Smart Networking, Due to possible conflict'

1. Does Cerbo GX interconnect devices and passes telemetry superseding the need for the bluetooth PAN/ VE. Smart Networking ?

2. If #1 is Yes, do I disable VE. Smart Networking due to telemetry conflict?

Thank you.

cerbo gxVE.Smart Network
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2 Answers
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You shoudln't use when you have a GX. Even more so if you have DVCC enabled. Use DVCC on the GX rather than smart networking. You should actually get a conflict on the MPPT if you have DVCC and network enabled.

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@nebulight Thanks for the reply.

I not currently running DVCC, I am running battleborn batteries and no external BMS or temps sensors.

What would DVCC do for me apart from what I read it will sync the max current/ amps charge rate between the multiplus and the MPPT charge controller?

There is a lot to read and digest about DVCC.

Without DVCC enabled, is there anything the CERBO GX will be doing to allow the BMV-712 - MPPT 250/100 - MultiPlus 24/3000/70 to talk and share info ?

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You can read up on it here:

The biggest use case with none managed battery is:

Limit Charge Current: Example would be a smaller battery bank vs your charge capacity. It will favor MPPT over shore.

Shared Voltage Sense: It takes the voltage measurement and applies the voltage reading to all chargers so they don't have to worry about voltage loss over the cables.

Shared temp sense: Not applicable for you, but this could be set to share your BMV or Multi temp sensor to your charger to prevent charging below freezing

Shared Current Sense: I haven't read up much on this as it's new but it can be used to get a better absorption charge.

Honestly, if you have a GX, you should 100% use DVCC instead of networking. VE.Smart shares some information, but DVCC shares a ton more and then some.

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I'm running a somewhat similar setup with 4 x Smart MPPT, Multi 24/5000, Cerbo GX and Victron Lithium batteries.

At the moment I have DVCC off and Smart Networking on. All seems to be working well.

I can't see what advantage DVCC would give me over my current setup? I don't need to limit charge current with my sources (<100A) and big lithium and shared voltage sense is working now.

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