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AR-N 4105 2018-11 3 x Multiplus-II 5000

Hello everybody,

I just got a call from the grid operator TEN here in Germany, and he see some problem with the AR-N 4105 2018-11 I send him for my installation. The system setup ist:

3 x Multiplus-II 5000 (only connected on AC-In)

1 x VenusGX

1 x EM24

1 x Pylontech Battery Stack (12 US3000 + LV-Hub)

1 x Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M

1 x Kostal Piko 8.3

I calculated for myself with 4000 VA for each MP-II as mentioned in the datasheet as "Maximum apparent feed-in power". So I come to a total of:

3 x 4000 VA + 8200 VA + 8300 VA = 28.500 VA which is < 30 kVA, and therefore no external Grid-Protection (NA-Schutz) is needed.

The grid operator now says, there are 2 Problems:

1. the output power as described in the AR-N 4105 2018-11 is specified as 4,85 kVA, which is to much for one phase. This confused me too, because in the same document there is a comment about a limit of 3 x 4,6 kVA = 13,8 kVA for all ESS - Systems.

2. the sum of power with this numbers is above 30 kVA, so he wants me to build up an external Grid-Protection.

Has anyone else experience with MP-II 5000 in german grid? When I read the certificate second time, I think MP-II 5000 are not covered by this document (Die maximale Anschlussleistung von 13,8 kVA (max 4,6 kVA pro Phase) darf nicht überschritten werden).

Best regards


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Hi @Christian Dorst This is the specification. 5000VA and 4000W Hope this clears it up.

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Christian Dorst avatar image Christian Dorst commented ·

Hello @ejrossouw,

so the external Grid-Protection becomes mandatory for me, okay.

I'm wondering why the specs in the AR-N 4105 are then different. I put a picture in my previous post to show what I mean.

I must say that the TEN (Thüringer Energienetze) is known for their accuracy about facts and numbers, so I worry about the 4.85 kVA most, because that is not conform to the grid code (as mentioned in the same document too).

So what is the intention of this document? May I reduce the power of the MP-II to fit the grid code?

Best regards


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Hello @Christian Dorst, @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

I am not personally that familiar with the different country requirements or tests. I do recall that in some instances a manufacturer locked reduction is acceptable, but not aware of such implementation by Victron. It would be best for Victron staff to chip if the below link is not the answer you seek.

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