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Bluesolar PWM Light - Does not charge - indicator on bulk

BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24-5A working with 2x10W panels feeding 12VDC 35Ah batt. We have various instalations. No consumption attached to unit, only solar panel and batt.

Some have had power supply issues. Bring unit back to workshop and feed 18.50VDC limited to 1,5Amp into regulator with newish batt at 12,60VDC. Indicator shows bulk charge with very fast green flashing but battery voltage does not change over many hours. Power supply shows no current consumption, so I conclude the unit has a fault.

At some point after conecting batt and showing "12"readout shows "FF"

Any suggestions to a remedy or possible cause.? 5 units installed in July 2019, 3 have issues.

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