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blue smart charger power supply behaviour?


We have a few Blue smart chargers in small houses to charge local 12V AGM batteries.

Short Q:
What happens if an AGM battery is connected to a Blue Smart IP65 Charger when it is set to power supply mode? Will it damage the battery? I am not sure what voltage it will give in power supply mode and if it will sense when a battery is connected.

This is what the manual says, but unsure if it will charge or maintain the battery at all when in this mode?

"6.1 Power supply function
The Victron Blue Smart Charger range are also suitable for use as a DC power supply, to

power equipment without a battery connected (or while also connected to a battery).

While it’s still possible to use the charger as a power supply without changing any settings, a dedicated ‘Power supply’ mode exists for this purpose/usage.

If the charger will be used as a power supply, it is recommended to activate ‘Power supply’ mode, as it will disable the internal charge logic and provide a constant DC supply voltage.

To activate power supply mode, open the settings menu and in the ‘Function’ drop down menu select ‘Power supply’ mode; once activated the BULK, ABS, FLOAT and STORAGE LEDs will be illuminated."

Longer version Q;
I ask, since I need a hands-off setting for this that is safe.
The batteries are sometime connected and disconnected from the chargers and this has worked flawlessly for a few years with the chargers switching between acting as a charger and as a 12V power supply and we really need this functionality.

So this week, for some reason one of the chargers started doing something new.
Lights were flashing, no connected gear worked and it looked like the charger was trying to charge a battery, even if there was no battery connected.

Setting it to power supply mode via bluetooth and Victron connect fixed it.
So I am wondering which setting I should now use to avoid this behaviour?
Can someone give an educated guess on why it did this, so we can avoid this?
The gear in the houses are led lights, small 12V gadgets chargers for usb and a small 1 watt fan that runs 24/7.

If leaving it in power supply mode is not safe, I guess we might have to set the charger mode via bluetooth but would really like to keep the automated scenario.

Grateful for any hints. Many thanks,

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