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Parellel connection of 3 IP43 Smart charger 24V/25A(1+1)


I want to connect 3 IP43 Smart chargers 24V/25A(1+1) to charge a lithium battery of 27V/180Ah from another manufacturer. Can I parallel these 3 chargers to charge the LFP battery.

Does the trickle charge output operate independently? Does it supply power without checking if a battery is connected?

Additionally, at very low temperature the LFP will cut-off so I want at this stage to use the power from the chargers to power my control circuits (2 - 3 Amp consumption). Is this possible when the IP43s are defined as chargers or must I define them as Power supplies.

In case I define them as power supplies what restrictions do I have? since the battery has balancing by itself and thus, I can use a constant output voltage limited at 20Amp per charger to charge the battery when temperature is appropriate,

The IP43 manual mentions that when defined as a power supply the remote input does not operate. Is their any firmware update for this?


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