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documentation "Integrating with SolarEdge" work around


in the application note "Integrating with SolarEdge" it is written :"Note: APS mode is mandatory for systems requiring both zero feed-in in on-grid mode and frequency shifting in off-grid mode."

  • I can confirm that for SetApp inverter with firmware CPU 4.9.33, (DSP1 1.0.1036, DSP2 2.0.910) and country settings Spain & Italy when in APS-mode the settings in corresponding P(f) are being ignored, no power reduction on rising frequency occurs.

  • For country setting Spain: Power Control-->Active Power: P(f) is not available

Frequency shifting in off - grid mode is desired and I get a P(f) reduction when using country "Italy" according to the defined ramp P(f) in "Active Power". However there is a hysteretic lock, frequency needs to fall back to 50Hz again + some hold time until a new reduction cycle is started. (A wakeup gradient to improve system stability is defined though: (200ms))

@fjlacock is this hysteretic behaviour of P(f) also the case when in APS -mode? Apart from the extended trip values in APS mode, is there a difference between P(f) in that mode and “P(f)” in “Active Power” + default country mode?

Thank you!!

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For the current firmware, you need to contact Solaredge support to change a parameter in the background to allow P(f) in APS mode. The next FW version will change this automatically when activating P(f) under APS, the new FW should be released soon.

Active Power control is only available after you enabled Grid Control under Power Control.

Please used the Solaredge Support Portal for Solaredge related questions: Solaredge do not have an automated view on the Victron platform. The questions on hysteretic behavior also need to be escalated to the correct department in Solaredge to answer, the escalation can only happen through the Solaredge support portal.

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