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"Small" change to VRM alarm rules

I believe the usability of the VRM Alarm logic can be increased with some small changes to the way alarm rules are set up.

Today all rules seem to be set up with a "span" min/max values and that gives limitation to what it can be used for.

There are some exceptions, the Solar Charger rule is a good one. It send me a message when the MPPT status change - period!.

Firstly I would like to be able to set an alarm with only a high or a low value, not both. "Alarm me" when the battery is below 70% or the MMPT deliver more than 2000W that's it.

Secondly, and potentially even better, I don't need a range. just as for the MPPT alarms, just inform me when the battery is 100% or when it passes 70% on it's way down.

I understand that some of what I want can be achieved despite both top and low end alarm settings, but it's rather difficult to get to work smoothly.

Thirdly, I would have liked to be able multiple sources into one alarm. I.e battery is >90% and MPPT in Bulk and MPPT deliver more than 2500W

Any other views on this?


You might ask why do I want this, well the reasons are many. Some are stated here: VRM Logic to control usage of excess PV energy.
Best example right now: Charge the car (yes in Norway we use EV's also in off grid area's) until the MPPT deliverless the 2000W or the battery is below 90%

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If only want to use the low Alarm you can use the workaround to set the high values out of the divices range.
Fo example this is a level device with 0 - 100 %


I testet the settings, and i think they work.

You can also try negative settings to avoid the low Alarm.

I didn`t test these, but why shouldn`t they work?
Hope this works for you.

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