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Automatic Data Logging SmartSolar MPPT 75/15

Hey everybody,

I like how you can export the daily data summary from the Victron Connect app, however I want to log the "Trends" data as well, and it would be awesome if this could be automated. I have a device called a Particle Argon which has a similar coding language to Arduino, and I have already made a simple tester code that automatically uploads data from a photoresistor to Thingspeak. Essentially, I am unsure how to interface the Argon with the MPPT. The Argon has bluetooth and wifi capabilities, but I don't know if those would be any easier than going through VE.Direct. I did not want to buy another device as to keep costs low, so I am curious if my idea is at all possible with what I have.

Here is what the Argon looks like for those who are curious (has micro USB input):


VRMMPPT SmartSolar
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