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AC load device appearing on VRM incorrectly

Hello there,

I am currently working on a project that implements the use of the newly added AC Load monitoring support in v2.80. Although when testing, the device behaves in a weird manner. On the VRM portal, under the Device list tab a new device is added called AC meter although this device doesn't show an icon representing the AC meter to the left of the name. Take note of the device ID '45'.1639047711223.pngNow under the Advanced->Widgets a Solar Charger device is added with the same device instance of '45' which is not the AC meter I was expecting.


My questions are: does the VRM still need to be updated to support the AC meter device? And if so, what monitoring options can I expect to see for the AC meter? and when will the VRM support for the AC meter be finished?

VRMEnergy Meter
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I'm also in need of this feature. Have you heard anything in regards to it?
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Hi Matt, yes I am currently using this feature now and its working as expected.

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