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3 phase system multiplus


I have the following:

3x Multiplus 3000/24/70

1x Skylla 50A Charger

6 x 12V 50AH AGM battery

I'm planning on using this to create a 3 phase system by turning the batteries into 3 banks of 24V.

Apparently this equipment was used to create the same system before but I'm a little confused how to hook this all up (I assume the configuration should be ok although I would need to figure the phase rotation). I presume I'm hooking the 2 batteries in each ban in series and then they connect to the battery connections of the inverters and then I know I need to daisy chain the invertors with Cat5 cables but do I need an external switch or will they only start outputting if the panel switches are all on? Finally, I assume I take the lives of each inverter for the relevant phases but what about the neutral? is it best to feed these into a bus bar and tap my neutral from there?

Also, how does the charger figure in this setup (charger being fed by 220V AC from the grid No solar stuff involved.

3 phase
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A three phase system is not a beginner system do dig into. Even if it has been preconfigured. There is training for three phase installations available on Victron Professional.

Do you have a local distributor/installer that can assisted you?


you really should get someone used to dealing with these systems in three phase configuration to assist you with the design and installation.

At the very least read wiring unlimited and the user manuals, on victron professional there’s training videos walking you though the set up.

However to answer you questions

1. your battery bank needs to be one single battery bank suppling all the inverters.

You can have a string of batteries suppling a bus bar and then another supplying the same bar but it must be common. Detailed explanation in wiring unlimited.

2. Yes daisy chain the inverters together. They will run if the switches are set to on assuming the programming is done. On off switch is optional but often desirable. Several ways to achieve it a multi control simplest or a gx device is better.
keep in mind the communications cards are not isolated so the negative leads need exstablishing first then the communication leads.

3. There are multiple different ways you can set 3 phase wiring, if your not familiar with it then employ a suitably qualified and experienced electrican


That amount of batteries doesn’t meet the minimum recommended capacity for the 3000 watt multiplus.

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